Rogue HQ


Here are some sites regarding gaming that I have an interest in. Most have to do with PC gaming on Valve's Half-Life or Half-Life2 engine. The links all open in a new window:

Valve's Half-Life or Half-Life 2 based: - I created this to help find your Steam ID
Clan [Rogue] Maps - My original TFC mapping clan
Juno Map - My TFC map screenshot & download page
Invade-Defend Guild - My TFC/TF2/FF guild
Addicted to DoD - My hopefully soon-to-be Day of Defeat clan
City17 Online - now defunct  <sad face>
[FARM] Guild - now defunct  <sad face>
Steam Forums

Electronic Arts' Battlefield 2 based:

Diary of a Casual BF2 Gamer - Where I get my BF2 frustrations out
My Stats for PlushSnuffie
Resolute Acceptance BF2 Gaming Guild
Some BF2 Stats Sites:
    Stoney's Place
Battlefield 2